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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Un Homme Orchestre E.P. "Bleu" - Out Now!

Bleu E.P. out now!

Un Homme Orchestre E.P. "Orange"!

Un Homme Orchestre E.P. "Orange" - is the second of my trio of E.P.s that make my Un Homme Orchestre project/album! It will be available on June 24th on iTunes through Foghorn Records. "Bleu" is out now and "Vert" (french for green) will follow in a few months time.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

They Call Me Superseven!

They Call Me Superseven (IMDB) is a feature length movie cut from the first 2 seasons of The Adventures Of Superseven, the hit multi-award winning Youtube web series (Trailer here). The Jimmy C's music in in it. And I made a bunch of posters and lobby cards for it. Here's some pictures! Lots and lots after the jump. More about Superseven: WEB, YOUTUBE, IMDB, Original soundtracks: Call Me Greenhorn, The Jimmy C #1, The Jimmy C #2.