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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ancient History: Just - Let It Go (Unreleased 1998)

We played a few gigs with Viloetine at the Punters club and were noticed by frontman/bass player Glen. He got us into Hothouse, Kiss and Sing Sing to do 4 tracks engineered by him & Matt Voigt, mastered by Ross Cockle. To me these recordings still sound really good, it's a pity we didn't go any further than the Arthouse. Not too long after I left Just to be full-time in Luxedo (bad move in a way...). Same line up of Joel, Shannon, Adam & Me.

1. Let It Go

2. Jason

3. But

4. Don't Sharpen Your Teeth On Me

Click here to download "Let It Go" 320kbps Mp3.

(Joel, Shannon, Adam, let me know if you want this removed)

Just - Jason by The Jimmy C
Just - Don't Sharpen Your Teeth On Me by The Jimmy C

Ancient History: Just - Ask Me Later (MDS 1997)

Formed to enter the NAD Campus Band Competition and representing RMIT in 1996, Just surprised themselves by winning both heats, regional final (playing to a packed Espy Gershwin Room) and failing to win the national final in Canberra - for which RMIT had flown the band and put up for accommodation. With their winnings they made an EP, the only official release from Just.

Featuring me on drums (my first Melbourne band), Joel Sprake on rhythm guitar & lead vocals on "A Stroll In The Park", Shannon Smiley on lead guitar and lead vocals and Adam Green on bass.

We were young and it was the 90's.. what else could this sound like? We almost only ever played at the Arthouse.

1. Ask Me Later

2. A Stroll In The Park

3. I Choose To Run

4. The Serpent

5. (secret track "Nine")

Click here to download "Ask Me Later" 320kbps Mp3.

(Joel, Shannon, Adam, let me know if you want this removed)

Ancient History: Fez Perez - Show Me Who's Boss

"Show Me Who's Boss" was my first time in the Studio with Fez. Recorded by Matt Gearing-Thomas at Farnsy's Gotham Studio in 2000 (I think). This is fun good-time party punk. We proved that music didn't have to be taken seriously and could still be good.

Mick Beard - bass lead vox
Screamin Stu Banko - rhythm guit & lead vox on "Six Pack Girl" & "Fifteen Years"
Matt Black - lead guit & lead vox on "Keep Your Clothes On"
Jamie "James Jr" Coghill - Drums

1. Mountain Of Snow
2. King Of The Lanes
3. She's So Cruel
4. Keep Your Clothes On
5. Six Pack Girl
6. Monkey Suit
7. Fifteen Years

(Matt, Stu, Mick, let me know if you want this removed)

Fez Perez - She's So Cruel by The Jimmy C

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ancient History: Starring... Fez Perez

Fez Perez rocked the east coast of Australia (and one quick trip to Perth) in the early 2000's leaving a trail of sweat & blood (usually our own).

Back then I was known as "James Jr" & was their longest standing permanent drummer joining in 1999 and leaving in 2002 (I think).

"Starring... Fez Perez" was our 2nd EP recorded with Matt Gearing-Thomas at Gotham in 2001 and released through Smokin' Taco Records and MGM Distribution. It features "Beef" which was one of the first songs I wrote and the blisteringly awesome "Gamma Wray" surf instrumental.

Starring... Mick Beard (Sons Of Lee Marvin) - Bass & Lead Vox, Screamin' Stu Banko (Sons Of Lee Marvin) - Rhythm Guit & Lead Vox on "Roulette", Matt Black (Fireballs) - Guitar & BVs and me on Drums.

Fez had some hype and a pretty good following (better interstate than Melbourne) we played some international supports - El Vez, Royal Crown Review, Supersuckers, The Reverend Horton Heat and maybe even Southern Culture On The Skids (my memory is foggy) - and some major festivals - Falls, Offshore, Big Day Out.

Mick & Stu's current band "Sons Of Lee Marvin" is however musically better than anything Fez ever did.

Starring... Fez Perez (2001 Smokin' Taco)
1. Class Act
2. Want Her Back
3. Gamma Wray
4. Beef
5. Roulette

Free Mp3s with cover art below. (Mick, Stu, Matt, let me know if you have a problem with this & I'll take it down).

Fez Perez - Beef by The Jimmy C
Fez Perez - Gamma Wray by The Jimmy C