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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Jimmy C - Hyde & Seek (OST) Free Download!

During the recording of the 30 something songs that would become "Glamour & Fame" I wrote a tune that to me, sounded like a lost 60's John Barry soundtrack. The Idea of "Hyde & Seek" grew from there. I expanded on the main theme and like most spy movie soundtracks of the 60's did several versions of the same theme in different styles. I decided to spice up the collection of tracks by writing and performing a few scenes of dialogue & sound effects from this never-made movie - possibly making the whole thing a little cheesy and detracting from the feel of the music... I am however happy with the result as a whole. I love soundtracks so I think I was destined to record this - now I just need someone to make the movie...

Here's a review:
"Hyde & Seek is the "original motion picture soundtrack" of the fictional 1960's spy thriller of the same name. The album (using instrumental songs, dialogue & sound effects) pieces together the story of special agent Roland Hyde - smug over-achiever turned double-O-agent. The main theme takes on various styles, from dreamy/psychedellic lullaby to beat club rave-up to jazzy walking bass spy-blues. Hyde & Seek, as a soundtrack album, suffers little from the lack of an actual motion picture, the music conjures the drama and the B-Movie style dialogue acts as an interesting segue to the variations on the main theme. Hyde & Seek is for fans of John Barry, Roy Budd, Henry Mancini's Peter Gunn and 60's spy movie soundtracks in general."

1. Hyde & Seek (Opening Titles)/Dialogue
2. Twisting With Roland (Discotheque)3. Theme From Hyde & Seek (Love Theme)/Dialogue
4. Roland Hyde 1: Hyde on The Beat/Dialogue
5. The Latin Quarter
6. Roland Hyde 2: Follow Me
7. Powder & Silk (Night Club)/Dialogue
8. Regression
9. Overdose/Dialogue
10. Count To 99 (Main Theme)
11. Roland Hyde 3: Street Beat/Dialogue
12. Chase Through The Carnival
13. Roland Hyde 4: Return To Base/Dialogue
14. Hyde & Seek (Closing Titles)

Total run time: 26:53

Count To 99 (Main Theme) by The Jimmy C

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD "HYDE & SEEK" - with artwork in the zip!

The Jimmy C - The Jimmy C (self titled) Free Download!

Download link at the bottom of the post!

My second album is much more garage rock oriented record with only 1 proper instrumental track. Another very limited run of 50-80 hand made copies given to friends & colleagues. I think I learned to write proper songs with this album, it's a more "Songy" set of tracks compared to anything I'd done previously. It was recorded with less borrowed gear and has a nice low-fi hard edge to it. I've had less comments about this album than the first album but I like it better than Project E.G.O.

Here's a review:
"The self-titled second album from The Jimmy C presents the listener a more rock sound with breakthrough innovations in Low-Fi recording - still using only 4-Track cassette and stereo digital polishing. The Jimmy C are even more "songy" this time around, yet still very eclectic with only 2 full instrumental tracks. The Ennio Morricone tinged "El Deserto..." paints a broad desolate vista and make a perfect soundtrack to a never-realised spaghetti western. The vicious stumbling "Your Corpse Is A Whore" (brutal title!) falls off the back of a drunk & beaten horse and walks straight into the poppy "I Want Her", but as if to make sure we don't think The Jimmy C are taking themselves too seriously, they've thrown in "The Ballad Of Myron Bunt" & "The Ballad Of Byron Munt" both roughly 20 sec long and showcasing the sillier side of country music. The song "Hi-Fi In Low-Fi" was pieced together from "Optigan" rhythm loops (see:
) with guitar and percussion added on to the loop track. As a bonus at the end of the album they've put the all 16 tracks of the previous album ("Project E.G.O") playing simultaneously. "The Jimmy C" is another difficult album to nail to a genre. If you liked "Project E.G.O" you'll certainly like this one or, if you like the music of Ennio Morricone, Crazy Horse, The Zombies, The Supersuckers and Ween you may be mildly offended by this album."

1. The Boy In The Suitcase
2. Your Corpse Is A Whore
3. I Want Her
4. Tie One On
5. El Deserto De Los Muertos
(from the film - "Il Deserto Dei Morti" (The Desert of The Dead)
6. The Ballad Of Byron Munt
7. Start All Over
8. All Nite Ride
9. Sending Home The Dead (Acoustic Version)
10. Sending Home The Dead
11. The Ballad Of Myron Bunt
12. I Want Her (Short Version)
13. Inside Wrongside
14. Hi-Fi In Low Fi (Featuring The Optigan)
15. Ten Second Funk
(16. Bonus Track: The Project E.G.O. album)

Total run time: 32:20

The Boy In The Suitcase by The Jimmy C

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD "THE JIMMY C" (self titled album 2006) - art is in the zip file.

The Jimmy C - Project E.G.O. (2005) Free Download!

Download link at the bottom of the post.

This is my first proper album. By proper I mean good enough to share with people. I played some of these songs to some friends and they liked it! It's not as complete, competent or accomplished as "Glamour & Fame" but it's still very well liked (though only 50-80 copies were made & given to friends). I was young, not the most accomplished multi-instrumentalist (I'm still not) but for a drummer this is a surprisingly good album of real songs (not just 45 mins of drumming...), sometimes you listen back to stuff you recorded when you were starting out & grimace at the naivety and childish crappiness of it. I can listen to this and actually enjoy it - it's not my best work but it was a good start. Some friends say it's their favorite of all my albums... thanks a bunch! I mean, have you even listened to "Glamour & Fame"????!

Here's a review:

"The Debut album from The Jimmy C. Recorded in 2005 on 4-Track Cassette (using primitive computer software to make "reduction mixes" then back onto the 4-Track), this collection of Guitar Instrumentals with Blusey-Rock/funk/folk/punk/soundtrack tunes presents an eclectic sound of a Band still deciding weather they want to be instrumental or not. It's a few tentative steps forward in song writing for The Jimmy C, breaking away from the safe (mostly instrumental) music of early recordings and heading towards a much more "songy" sound. With 6 instrumentals and 7 and a half vocal tracks (track 12 is only half a song) the emphasis is still firmly on the instrumental side of The Jimmy C. Notable tracks are: "Deep Holy Love" with it's Prince meets Beck in a car accident Jesus-love funk, "Black Suits On The Beach" sounds like 1965 fuzzy Mosrite Ventures and "Gone Are The Days" is a Calexico(ish) look at slightly depressing American Folk music. This experimental debut surprised The Jimmy C more than anyone else and gave them the confidence to finally show other people (and the world) what they could do."

1. Black Suits On The Beach
2. Deep Holy Love
3. Freakout A-Go-Go
4. Sad Instrumental
5. Spooky Blues
6. You're Too Old
7. Movie Theme
8. Hey Hoe Wah
9. Five Days To Live
10. The Man From Devilrock
11. Gone Are The Days
12. Sucks To Be You
13. Footlong
(14. Bonus Track)

Total run time: 41:11

Black Suits On The Beach by The Jimmy C

Deep Holy Love by The Jimmy C

Secret Bonus Track (All Night Ride) by The Jimmy C

Sad Instrumental by The Jimmy C

Spooky Blues by The Jimmy C

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PROJECT E.G.O. - Artwork is included in the zip file.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Recommended Listening... (links to downloads)

I built this blog to promote & share The Jimmy C, but I think it's time I shared some of the music that made The Jimmy C. The links in the following go to other people's blogs who are sharing someone else's music. I take no responsibility for the quality of the mp3's or the various breaches of copyright. If you like the music in the links below, buy a real copy - it sounds and feels much better!

The Left Banke - Out of print genius.

The Turtles - Hard to find and awesome. Also look for the impossible to find "Turtle Soup" expanded CD.

The Move - I love The Move. Roy Wood is a genius madman and the introduction of Jeff Lynne only made their music a different kind of genius... all the way through to ELO's 3rd album.

Tomorrow (Featuring Keith West) - This is just plain AWESOME!!! Holy shit balls this is good.

The Dukes Of Stratosphear - Double holy shit balls I love this album so much. It's XTC being totally inspired by all things nuggets and british psychedelia (see Tomorrow above) in the mid 80's! Only The Dukes & Tom Waits were immune to the 80's - making amazing music that sounds like it was recorded yesterday or 40 years ago... Follow this link to XTC's Skylarking - sounds a little more 80's but one of the best albums ever. EVER!

Harry Nilsson - What a dude. Harry is cool. He broke up John & Yoko with him & John's drinking sessions. Aerial Pandemonium Ballet (1971) is an awesome reworking of his first 2 albums. He manages to make "Over-produced" a positive thing.

I haven't followed all these links to see if they result in a decent quality download. I own all these albums in various formats and I recommend you do too.